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BBP Spill Care Kit, Economy #F40-664

 BBP Spill Care Kit, Economy #F40-664
Price: $7.80 each
Item Number: F40-664
Manufacturer: Top Safety Products
Manufacturer Part No: 640-664
* This item does not ship to Canada
BBP Spill Care Kit, Economy 

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Contains the items needed for use when cleaning up spills of potentially infectious agents.

Absorbed liquids are turned into a gel for safe and easy cleanup. 

A red "Biohazard" bag is provided for proper disposal.

* All items in this kit must be discarded after use.

Contents are in a zip lock plastic bag, making it ideal for the classroom, day care center, and any other place where spills can occur. 
This portable kit contains:
  • Fluid Control Solidifier (1)
  • Exam Gloves (1 pair)
  • Scooper/Scraper (2 pc set)
  • Red Biohazard Bag w/ Twist Tie
  • Germicidal Surface Wipe (1)
  • Antimicrobial Hand Wipe (1)
  • Antiseptic Wipes (3)
  • Paper towels (2)
  • Spill Kit Biosafety Instruction Sheet
  • Incident Report Form
  • Zip Lock Bag w/ Label

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