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CPR Barrier Masks, Face Shields and Pocket Masks 

Prevents Biological Contamination During CPR. Offering an Excellent Value Generic Mask, and Several Masks from MDi
Single-Use CPR Barriers in Convenient Foil Envelopes
Excellent Value Generic Pocket Masks, Replacement Valves & Filters, Laerdal® Pocket Masks
Contain items that offer protection when performing CPR
The State of New York Requires CPR Equipment in Restaurants, Bars, Theaters and Health Clubs...
N95, Surgical and Procedure Masks
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Seal Rite CPR Mask
Price: $9.00 each
Seal Rite CPR Mask
CPR Kit w/ Barrier Mask in Travel Cabinet
Price: $9.00 each
CPR Kit w/ Barrier Mask in Travel Cabinet
CPR Kit with Barrier Mask in Travel Cabinet


Please note: For safety and hygienic reasons, medicinals, CPR masks/respirators and replacement valves/filters are non-returnable. 

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