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Tourniquet (Buckle [-261] or Band [-261E]) in unit box

Band Tourniquet in unit box
Band Tourniquet in unit boxBuckle Tourniquet in unit box

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Tourniquet (Buckle [-261] or Band [-261E])

Each green color-coded unit box contains one tourniquet.

Tourniquets should be used by trained personnel, as a last resort in life-threatening hemorrhage that cannot be stopped by any other means.

It is widely recommended that one should always apply targeted, direct external pressure as the first line of care for bleeding. Only when this fails should a tourniquet be applied.

Available options:

    1 Band Tourniquet per single unit box              p/n F05-261E

    1 Buckle Tourniquet per single unit box            p/n F05-261


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