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WATER-JEL 2" x 6"

WATER-JEL Burn Dressing 2" x 6"
Price: $7.07 each
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Item Number: F05-332CL

WATER-JEL® Sterile Burn Dressing  2" x 6"

A conveniently sized dressing designed to wrap around the wrist and between the fingers to keep them separated. Also for the inner arm, foot instep or other areas where this size dressing would be suited. 
Each 2" x 6" Gel-soaked, sterile and foil-packed. Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture.
  • Stops the burning process
  • Cools the burn and relieves pain
  • Helps prevent contamination
  • Non-adherent dressing
WATER-JEL® Sterile Dressings cool burns quickly, and without sticking. These ready-to-use dressings stabilize and localize damaged areas and protect from contamination. Makes the removal of burned clothing less painful. Sterile dressings remove easily from skin with water. 
Water-Jel burn care products utilize a thick water-based and water-soluble gel made of 96% water, which is proven to dissipate heat and cool burns, quickly relieve pain, help stop burns from progressing deeper into the skin and help prevent infection. They provide thermal (not evaporative) cooling, but won’t get too cold or increase the risk of hypothermia—even on large burns. The gel also contains medically pure Tea Tree Oil, a natural antibacterial. Water-Jel can be used on all types of burns and is used by EMS, the U.S. Military and industrial health and safety professionals around the world.




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